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After the general assembly 2020 was finished the konin-project was presented by Marcus Runefos, Univerity of Lund.

If You did not have the opportunity to participate, you can see the presentation here:

Agenda with start 1000 CET and ends at 1200 CET:

Välkomnandeoch presentation av dagens möte och föreläsningar
ÅrsmötetMötet öppnas
§ 1. Upprop av medlemmar och fastställande av röstlängd.
§ 2. Fastställande att årsmötet blivit behörigen utlyst.
§ 3. Val av ordförande samt sekreterare för årsmötet.
§ 4. Val av två justerare att jämte ordföranden justera mötets protokoll.
§ 5. Val av två rösträknare.
§ 6. Fastställande av dagordning för årsmötet.
§ 7. Styrelsens redogörelse för verksamheten under det gångna året inklusive den ekonomiska ställningen.
§ 8. Revisorernas berättelse.
§ 9. Fråga om ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen.
§ 10. Behandling av i tid inkomna motioner.
§ 11. Behandling av förslag från styrelsen:
§ 12. Behandling av förslag till verksamhetsplaner:
§ 13. Fastställande av årsavgift till nästa årsmöte.
§ 14. Kandidatnominering till styrelsen.
§ 15. Val till styrelsen av:
Ordförande för en tid av 2 år
Sekreterare för en tid av 1 år
Kassör för en tid av 2 år
2 ledamot för en tid av 3 år  
§ 16. Val för en tid av 1 år av:
Revisor jämte suppleant.
Tre ledamöter till valberedning varav en sammankallande.  
§ 17. Enkla frågor:  
Mötet avslutas  
Föreläsning 1Fire investigations – motor vehicle
Föreläsning 2ENFSI workshop – virtual reality
Föreläsning 3Vagabonderade strömmar, Säffle
Föreläsning 4Rökningsrelaterade innebrända (bränder och blodprover
Avslutoch tack

Documents for the meeting:

Board report 2020

Business plan 2021

Suggestion for new board

This year's annual meeting will be on Tuesday the 2nd of December and will be via Teams (on line conference). The link will be sent by members letter. The meeting starts at 1000 CET and ends at 1200.

On the agenda:

Annual meeting 2020

Case studies; electrical investigation, motor vehicle fire investigation

Latest forensic research

Information about European work shop.
Key words; on line, virtual reality and fire investigations

Fredag den 28 februari 2020 kl. 9:15 försvarar Karlis Livkiss sin doktorsavhandling med titeln ” Fires in Narrow Construction Cavities - Fire Dynamics and Material Fire Performance”.

Avhandling handlar om att öka kunskapen av brandspridningen i luftspalter som finns bland annat i fasader.

Avhandlingen (utan artiklar) kan laddas ner här.

Datum och tid: fredag den 28 februari 2020, kl. 9:15
sal V:B, V-huset, Lunds tekniska högskola, John Ericssons väg 1, Lund
Språk: engelska

Seminariet kommer att inledas med en ca 30 minuter lång presentation av avhandlingsarbetet och efter denna kommer det att vara en ca 10 minuter lång paus där det är möjligt att avvika om man inte önskar vara med vid den efterföljande diskussionen.

The board would like to recommend the coming FIVE 2020 webinar. The organizer RISE gives following describtion:

"In response to the pressing need for international dialogue RISE organise the conference FIVE (Fires in Vehicles). The objective of this conference is to exchange knowledge of fires in vehicles, including both on-road, off-road and rail vehicles. In recognition of the fact that many of the fire problems faced by these vehicles are the same, the solutions to them can also be similar."

The next FIVE conference will be held online
December 15 (afternoon, CET, UCT+1) and December 16 (morning, CET, UCT+1) 2020.

The FIVE webinar is targeting scientists, regulators, test engineers, rescue services, suppliers, manufacturers, operators, insurance companies and other organisations from the diverse field of transportation to discuss important fire issues.  

You can find more about the agenda her.

In following document you can read about the fire safety of Lithium-Ion batteries.

This year's annual meeting will be on Tuesday the 2nd of December and will be via Teams (on line conference).

So, safe the date and look out for coming details.

Start planning for your own presentation - it could be of an investigation or research. There will be 10-minute slots for each presentations. The Board are encouraging all members to present relevant cases to share unique knowledge or perhaps surprising findings.

The Manual is written by the European working group Fire and Explosions and gives the directions for Fire Investigations. The manual is now under public review and deadline for comments is set to the 10th of September 2020. Take the chance and comment - the manual and directions for the review can be found here.

If you want to now more about ENFSI (the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) you can read more about here and learn more about the organizations with 39 countries as members.

The NAFI board is happy to welcome 33 members from the Nordic countries to the lovely Åland where this year's Annual Meeting is held. More detailed information will be sent out in the beginning of November.

The registration is now closed and the treasury will send out invoices / paypal information to the participants as soon as possible.

Welcome to a fantastic Åland in november 2019!

The board is proud to invite members of NAFI and IAAI members to the annual meeting for 2019 and the exciting agenda for fire investigators. The conference is going to be in English with the objective to enhance to communication between all our nationalities. The agenda looks like below (a more detailed schedule will be sent out closer to the conference):

13th of Nov 2019 Topic
0745 / Swedish time Departure from Stockholm to Mariehamn with M / S Viking Grace
0830 Breakfast on board 
0900-1030 Workshop “How to come to conclusions” The scientific methods and fire investigations
1030-1100 Case studies from the everyday life of fire investigator
1100-1200 Annual meeting NAFI
1200-1400 Lunch and mingle with colleagues
1415/Finnish time Arrival in Mariehamn
Transport bus to fire station
1430- 1700 Workshop with some practical experiments with arson devices that can make us a little wiser on fire dynamics and assessment of fire residues. We will make arson devices together, discuss the expected fire pattern and end result. Finally, we set fire and study the results.
1700 Transport to hotel and check-in
1800 Collection in hotel lobby, departure to brewery Stallhagen for dinner. Brewery tour including dinner. Key note speaker Åland
14th of Nov 2019 Topic
0800 Check out from hotel and walking to Mariehamns Stadshus
0830-1000 Glass traces, what can they tell us?
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augment Reality (AR) at fire scenes. 3D-plotting and training for fire investigators.
1000-1030 Coffee and mingle
1030-1200 Case studies
1230 Lunch
1300 Walking to the harbor
1425 (Finnish time) Departure towards Stockholm with M / S Amorella
1430-1600 Latest news from Nordic countries, Europe and the world including the Nordic Fire Group, ENFSI, CE-AFI, Nordic Fire Conference 2020.
1600-1645 FBU / NAFI through 25 years
1645 Evaluation and end of the annual meeting
1700 Dinner on board
1855 Swedish time Arrival in Stockholm

In the registration there are some information needed for the transport and others for the restaurants. Latest registration is the 10th of October 2019. Please use this registration form.

You will also be able to request for a sent invoice and our cashier Claes Malmquist will see to that. We are working on an easier way to pay, but it will not be in place for this conference.

It is always highly appreciated with case studies from members. It is very giving to listen on examples from the everyday life of fire investigators. So please mark in the registration form that you can present an example (10-15 minutes on a very informal and easy level).

The cost for the whole package is 3 300 SEK (309 EUR). If you are not asking for an invoice please pay directly to (without administration cost):

Bankgiro: 813-0320   Bank transfer: IBAN Nr: SE33 9500 0099 6034 0621 9505 BIC-kod (SWIFT-address): NDEASESS Credit card: A payment request is available in the registration form and a Paypal link will be sent to you from:

In the conference price following is included:

  • Ferry Stockholm – Åland - Stockholm
  • Transportation on Åland,
  • 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and coffe
  • Meeting facilities
  • Dinner with guided tour on the 13th
  • Hotel in Mariehamn on the 13th
  • And the whole NAFI program including workshops.

In order to organize conferences like this, we all depend on the members’ fee, so thanks to all of you who have done that already. The few that is left can make a payment of 200 SEK (19 EUR) as above. If you want to know your last payment or get an invoice, mail

If you are not a member and curious about the association (maybe a to-be member) you are welcome to attend the presentations on the 14th of November in Mariehamn without any costs. Nevertheless, please fill out the registration and mark that alternative – makes it a lot easier for us.

Elektronisk informasjon ligger nå oftest lagret i spesielle formater (f.eks PDF og Word). Når slike filer sendes som vedlegg til epost, kan de bli veldig store og når meldinger sendes over lister med mange mottagere dubleres datafilen for hver adressat. Slik opptar meldingen tilslutt veldig stor lagringsplass og bruker unødig mye ressurser.