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CHAPTER 9. Ethical rules

§ 26. Ethical rules

  • As a fire investigator, I consider myself as part of a significant and respected profession.
  • In all respects, I wish to behave in such a manner that means I earn and receive the confidence of the public.
  • I will not use my profession or my work to achieve personal benefit.
  • I will assess my colleagues in the same way as I assess myself.
  • I will never betray their confidence nor endanger their investigation.
  • I consider it my duty to study my profession and to take every opportunity for further education and further development.
  • I will avoid collaborating with those who do not have the objective of conducting an impartial investigation.
  • I will not claim to master professional skills I do not have.
  • I will share all information with my co-investigators.
  • I will always be aware that I am looking for facts and not trying to create a case.
  • It is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty.