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Minutes of the Meeting AGM 2023

Minutes, Nordic-AFI AGM, online (Teams) , 24-11-2023:
11 Participants:
Rene Ruusunen (B)
Thomas Ekman (B)
Kristian Lindstrøm (B)
Magnus Andersson (B)
Benny Thomsen
Nicolaj Cronberg Reidl
Reidar Skrunes
Tuomas Pälviä
Gert Jakobsen
Johan Rungberg
Fritz Grone (B)
Not Present:
Some members apologized for not being able to participate in the meeting.
Agenda of the meeting / decisions, actions taken in the Annual General Meeting:

  1. Register of members and establishment of voting list:
    A list of the participants at the AGM is made / see above. Members being not part of the
    Board are allowed to vote (6).
  2. Confirmation that the annual general meeting has been properly convened:
  3. Election of Chair and Secretary for the annual general meeting:
    Rene Ruusunen, Fritz Grone.
  4. Election of two people to verify the Minutes of the meeting with the Chair:
    Reidar Skrunes, Gert Jakobsen. A video recording og the AGM is
    accessible via Fileshare.
  5. Selection of two vote counters:
    Election by show of hands because only a small group of participants, no vote counters
  6. Establishment of annual general meeting agenda:
    As proposed in the announcement.
  7. The Board report on operations for the past year including the Association financial position:
    The Treasurer, Claes Malmqvist, is not able to attend the AGM. He has sent an email with an
    overview over the finances. This is attached as an Excelsheet to these minutes.
  8. Audit Report:
    The Auditor, Benny Thomsen, couldn´t control the statement or has got answers to his
    questions. He is waiting for formal input to be able to audit.
  9. Question of discharge from liability for the Board:
    Discussion about what it means, to discharge the Board from liabilitiy. Once more the
    Auditor says, he needs to see paperwork to discharge from liabilitiy. The financial situation
    of the Nordic-AFI is sent out with these minutes and if there are no objections, the board will
    be formaly discharged from liability.
  10. Processing of motions submitted within the relevant period of time:
  11. Processing of Board proposals:
    The new statues, the members of the Board has agreed on, were sent out together with the
    invitation to the AGM. There is a discussion, if all Board Members have cared for them in a
    proper way – the board have duely discussed the proposals and agrees. The question is, if
    the IAAI will accept the new statues, where there is the point, that a member doesn´t have
    mandatory to be member of the IAAI. There is a vote and the majority votes for the
    adoption of the new statutes.
  12. Processing of proposed business plans:
    All members can propose training sessions and activities in the Nordic AFI. The chair, Renee
    Ruusunen, will send an outline, what will happen next year to secretary and this activity plan
    will be taken up in the minutes
  13. Determination of annual fee until the next annual meeting:
    SEK 200,- for 2024
  14. Candidate nominations to the Board:
    Johan Rungberg is proposed as a candidate for the post of the secretary.
    Magnus Andersson is willing to rerun as a member of the board.
  15. Elections to the Board of:
    a. Deputy Chair – vacant (Tomas Ekman retires after his period on duty – Thank you Tomas)
    b. Secretary – Johan Rungberg is elected as the new secretary (Fritz Grone retires after his
    period on duty – Thank you Fritz)
    c. 1 member for a period of 3 years – Magnus Andersson is reelected.
    Because of the limited activity of the Association at this time, it was decided to downsize the
    Board and not to fill vacancies on the Board.
    Overview of the current board:
    Chair: Rene Ruusunen – period of 2 years (2023-2024)
    Deputy Chair: vacant
    Treasurer: Clæs Malmqvist – period of 2 years (2023-2024)
    Secretary: Johan Rungberg – period of 2 years (2024-2025)
    Member #1: Kristian Lindström – period of 3 years (2022-2024)
    Member #2: Magnus Andersson – period of 3 years (2024-2026)
  16. Election for a period of 1 year of:
    Accountant: vacant (open position) - Benny Thomsen retires in after his period on duty –
    Thank you Benny.
    Accountant sup.: Vacant (open position)
    Because there is no accountant for the coming period it was proposed (Gert Jakobsen), that
    the board should be in the role of controlling the treasurer.
  17. Election board:
    According to the adopted new statues, there I no election board anymore.
  18. Simple matters:
  • Gert Jakobsen comments on the low activity level of the association, probably
    caused by COVID-Crisis and other factors but claims for a plan, to revitalize the
    Association (Revitalizing plan from the board).
  • Benny Thomsen proposes to think about if it would be a possibility to be part of the
    now growing strong European Association of Fire Investigators (E-AFI). Rene replies,
    that in a survey from 2023 around 60 people said, that they want Nordic AFI to be
    alive. He further explains that merging with European AFI would mean, that all
    members have to be members of the IAAI.
  • The (partly new elected) board will meet some weeks after the AGM for a
    constitutional meeting, discuss matters and write a newsletter to the members.
    The Annual General Assembly 2023 closes …

    Read and approved:

    Reidar Skrunes Gert Jakobsen

    On the keys: Friedrich Grone