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CHAPTER 4. Annual General Meeting

§ 15. Date

The annual general meeting will be held each year no later than week 24.

Amendment to Articles of Association 16 May 2014: by week 44 at the latest.

The Board determines where the annual general meeting is to be held.

§ 16. Notice

Notice of the annual general meeting is provided by the Board and must be given at least 8 weeks in advance by personal letter to each paying member.

§17. Voting list

The voting list consists of the number of paying members present at the annual general meeting; but not the members of the Association Board.

§18. Quorum

The annual general meeting quorum is determined by the number of paying members present at the meeting.

Proxy voting is not permitted.

Members of the Association Board do not enjoy voting rights.

All issues are settled by simple majority. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn.

Decisions concerning amendments to Articles of Association or dissolution of the Association; see §§ 23 and 24.

§ 19. Annual general meeting

At the Annual General Meeting, the following items will be included on the agenda:

  1. Register of members and establishment of voting list.
  2. Confirmation that the annual general meeting has been properly convened.
  3. Election of Chair and Secretary for the annual general meeting.
  4. Election of two people to verify the Minutes of the meeting with the Chair.
  5. Selection of two vote counters.
  6. Establishment of annual general meeting agenda.
  7. The Board report on operations for the past year including the Association financial position.
  8. Audit Report.
  9. Question of discharge from liability for the Board.
  10. Processing of motions submitted within the relevant time period.
  11. Processing of Board proposals.
  12. Processing of proposed business plans.
  13. Determination of annual fee until the next annual meeting.
  14. Candidate nominations to the Board.
  15. Elections to the Board of:
  16. Chair for a period of 2 years
  17. Deputy Chair for a period of 2 years
  18. Secretary for a period of 2 years
  19. Treasurer for a period of 2 years
  20. Other members for a period of 3 years.
  21. Election for a period of 1 year of:
  22. Auditor and deputy.
  23. The convener and two other members for the Nominations Committee.
  24. Simple matters.

§ 20. Motions at annual general meeting

A member is entitled to request that a certain issue be raised at the annual general meeting. Proposals for this must be submitted no later than 5 weeks before the annual general meeting so that they can be submitted to the members no later than 2 weeks before the annual general meeting.

§ 21. Conference in connection with annual general meeting

In connection with the annual general meeting, a technical program will be provided that presents news and developments within the Association's area of operations.

The Board determines the program and other annual general meeting activities.