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CHAPTER 2. Association Leadership

§ 4. Association bodies

The Association decision-making bodies are:

a) The annual general meeting

b) Extraordinary annual general meetings

c) The Association Council.

§ 5. The duties of the Board

The Board is responsible for Association activities in the periods between annual general meetings.

The Board is tasked by the members to initiate and implement any association issues necessary for Association business and to safeguard the interests of the Association.

The Board appoints the necessary committees to implement Association activities.

The Board bears the general obligation to lead, govern and monitor the affairs of the Association.

At each annual general meeting, the Board will introduce newcomers and those appointed to work in the committees established by the Board.

The Board will report on operations at each annual general meeting.

§ 6. Duties of the Chair

The Chair conducts the association and board meetings.

§ 7. Duties of the Deputy Chair

The Deputy Chair fulfils the duties of the Chair in his/her absence.

§ 8. The duties of the Secretary and the Treasurer

The Secretary and the Treasurer will make decisions in consultation with the Chair and handle Association matters on behalf of the Board.

The Treasurer is responsible for Association funds and for ensuring that membership fees are paid into the Association.

§ 9. Board meetings

The board meets when called by the Chair or if at least 4 members request that it meet.