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Det är med stor glädje vi gratulerar vår medlem Hans-Eric Zetterström! Hazze kommer den 22e maj ta emot en medalj av den 8:e storleken ur Kung Carl XVI Gustafs hand. Hazze jobbar i vardagen hos Länsförsäkringar och får priset för sitt ”långvariga och erkända arbete för ett bättre brandskydd såväl i Sverige som internationellt”.

Grattis önskar alla brandutredarkollegor runtom i Norden!

Read the article in the Forensic Science International her and learn more about the possible utilisation of ultraviolet light at fire scenes and subsequent recommendations for procedures. Highligts:

• UV light enhances the fire sampling at finding ignitable liquids at the fire scene.

• Photography of fluorescence can be used to detect liquid dispersion and scope.

• UV light enhances the liquid pattern analysis and can be an evidence in it self.

• Excellent tool to document the conditions regarding fire sampling and contamination.

Graphical abstract

The great EAFS conference 2018 was held in Lyon and now all the presentations are available on line. You will find them here

Next EAFS conference will be in Stockholm, Sweden in 2021. So there is still some time to prepare a presentation of new research/ case studies. Or just listen to the newest knowledge in our field. 

The team of fire investigators are reading the tactical information and setting up an investigation strategy before entering the fire scene.
Stuart Ritchie, Fire Investigator from Australia presents several care fire and constructional case studies.
Charlotte Kappel, Forensic Psychologist, presented the profile of serial arsonists with geographical plotting.